Quality policy

In the activities of assisted human reproduction services through Artificial Insemination (IAC / IAD), In vitro Fertilization (ICSI / IMSI) and Tissue Bank techniques, the Management of FERTILITY BENIDORM SL, assumes the Quality Commitment, understood as the The result of proper management, continuous review of infrastructures, suppliers, and internal control of processes, and this is carried out through the implementation of a Quality System based on the UNE-EN-ISO-9001 standard, integrating and seeking at all times the Continuous improvement of the services performed.

The policy of FERTILITY BENIDORM S.L. is supported by the following pillars:

– Satisfy the needs and expectations of our patients through a Quality System to offer services of a proven quality.

– Comply with all legal, technical, regulatory requirements and customer specifications that affect the activity in terms of quality of service provided and working conditions.

– Improve relationships with our patients and providers to enable an improvement in technical and service benefits, collaborating with them and helping them meet objectives.

– Prevent failures and correct them when they occur, eliminating the causes that produce them.

– Encourage the development of the worker by facilitating their empowerment within the organization. Maintaining communication channels between the different departments, detecting and solving the training needs of our staff.

Aware of the necessary involvement and unconditional support of all staff in order to comply with the guidelines described above, this policy has been disseminated and understood by all members of the organization.

All the staff of FERTILITY BENIDORM S.L. has assumed responsibility for self-control, being responsible for the quality of its tasks performed and is committed to the success of this Quality Policy and all the actions derived from it.

As of: 10/15/2019

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