Testicular biopsy (TESE / TESA)

Determines the male infertility causes

Testicular biopsy consists of a small surgery that allows the extraction of tissue from the testicles and its observation under a microscope. It is performed by opening the skin of the scrotum with a special needle under local anesthesia, so it does not cause any pain.

This technique makes it possible to determine the cause of male infertility and to distinguish between a pathology:

Obstructive: where the ducts that allow the semen to escape are blocked.

Secretory: the production of spermatozoa does not exist or the spermatozoa do not finish their maturation process.

Testicular sperm extraction TESE

Testicular biopsy is the extraction of sperm directly from the testicles. These extracted spermatozoa are perfectly capable of producing a correct fertilization.

It is performed in cases where the male has no spermatozoa in the sperm, has ejaculation problems or has been vasectomized.

Testicular sperm aspiration TESA

This technique consists of extracting sperm directly from the epididymis, the area of the male reproductive system located above the testicle. Here the sperm are stored and complete their maturation.

It is also performed in cases where the male has problems with ejaculation or has been vasectomized.

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