Embryo adoption

This treatment is simple;is safe;and has a lower cost

It is indicated in couples of homosexual females or single women

The embryos in this procedure come from the anonymous and altruistic donation of couples who donate their cryopreserved embryos in order to help other people become parents.

Embryo adoption makes pregnancy simple and safe. Their success rate is about 40%. It is performed in cases where couples wish a simpler reproductive treatment, considering that the recipient mother only requires an adequate endometrial preparation to proceed with the transfer, or when other reproductive treatments have failed. It is also the technique used in couples of homosexual women and in women who want to be single mothers but their ovarian function is compromised.

This technique’s main advantage is its low cost, because donor couples do not receive compensation for their donation.

Preparation of the receiver

Drugs treatment in embryo adoption consists of estrogen medication and vaginal progesterone pessaries.

Donor selection

A certain affinity in phenotype, physical and behavioral aspects, is always looked for between the patients and the donor couple.


The embryos are transferred to the uterus. The embryos come from couples who have mostly succeeded in getting pregnant, which gives a good prognosis.


14 days after the transfer, a blood test is taken to verify the pregnancy. Once confirmed, an ultrasound is done.

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