Ropa method

For women’s couples who wish to experience motherhood together

The Reception of Oocytes from the Partner (ROPA) is a method that will allow a couple of two women to be involved in the treatment, as one of them will provide the eggs and the other will carry out the gestation.

In this way, one of the women brings the eggs, which will be fertilized in the laboratory with donor sperm, and the other woman will have the embryos transferred, so she will carry out the gestation, being one of them being pregnant mother and the other the genetic mother.

Concerning legislation, donations in Spain are anonymous but, in this specific case and according to the reform of the Assisted Reproduction Law 14/2006, this treatment is possible and maternity will be shared. This means that both will be legally recognized as the parents of the baby born.

How the Treatment;ROPA method is performed?

Before undergoing the ROPA method, a fertility examination must be completed to check that this technique is indicated and can be carried out.

The tests are the same as for women undergoing IVF treatment but, in this case, it will be separated into two parts. One of the couple will undergo the first part of the IVF treatment, and the other the embryo transfer.


Women who are going to provide their oocytes for treatment will receive ovarian stimulation in order to obtain an adequate number of eggs and to be able to prepare them in the laboratory.


Meanwhile, the woman who will host the embryo or embryos will be assisted by our team in preparing the uterus to receive the embryos generated in the laboratory.

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