Sperm freezing

Efficient technique to maintain male fertility

The sperm freezing is a technique that allows the preservation of the man’s fertility without any time limit.

here are many reasons why men can have problems affecting their fertility. Freezing is performed on patients who are going to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Also, in patients who are going to undergo vasectomies, as if in the future they decide to have children it would not be necessary to perform a vasovasostomy (vasectomy reverse).

The sperm sample is frozen into small pills, which allows more than one cycle of assisted reproduction to be carried out with a small amount. It is important to know that several ejaculations are needed to freeze sufficient doses.

The sperm samples, properly identified and frozen in the Sperm Bank at -320 ºF, are kept for an indefinite time. The patient may request their use at any time and use assisted reproduction techniques to become a father.

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