Timed intercourse

We indicate the most effective time for pregnancy; the fertile days

Most natural and minimally invasive technique

This method consists of scheduling the woman’s ovulation to coincide with sexual intercourse. That is, having sex on a woman’s fertile days.

Timed intercourse is indicated in couples under 36 years old with no apparent reason for infertility, who have a good reproductive prognosis. It is also an alternative for those couples who, for ethical or cultural reasons, do not wish to carry out other assisted reproduction treatment.

How the technique; time intercourse is performed?

Natural method. A control is carried out that combines ultrasound scans, to find out the follicle maturation in that cycle, and a urine analysis, to find out the levels of luteinizing hormone present in the woman’s body. This indicates the start of ovulation and marks the two days of sexual intercourse that are most likely to achieve a pregnancy.

Controlled ovarian stimulation, with oral or injectable medication to stimulate the ovaries and thus promote the development and maturation of the follicles. Once ovulation has been achieved, the next two days are the keys to having sexual intercourse. During this process, a follow-up is carried out with ultrasound scans and blood tests.

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