Frequently Asked Questions

Information and response to basic inquiries about the clinic and treatments

    What is the maximum age to be able to undergo fertility treatment?

    The maximum age to undergo fertility treatment is 50 years. This limitation is due to the risks that an elderly woman may suffer in a pregnancy.

    For egg donation, you must be between 18 and 35 years old and in semen donation, between 18 and 39 years old.

    My partner has a fertility problem, is it permanent?

    No. It’s not a definitive problem. Currently, there are treatments and technological advances to help people with fertility problems. At Fertility Benidorm we carry out an exhaustive study and a personalized diagnosis, to determine the causes of the problem and the relevant treatment options for each case.

    If my tubes are tied, can I get pregnant?

    Yes, you must carry out in vitro fertilization treatment. With this technique, the eggs are extracted from the ovaries, fertilized and later these embryos are transferred.

    Can I have children if I have had a vasectomy?

    Yes, using the IVF  technique with sperm extracted from the testicle (TESE).

    How do I know which is the ideal treatment for my problem?

    To determine the appropriate treatment, you must go to our clinic so that our professionals determine the problem and advise you on possible treatments.

    What is a fertility study?

    Through a 100% personalized fertility study, according to the age and circumstances of each patient, a diagnosis is established and the different options are provided to achieve the desired pregnancy.

    Can stress affect my fertility?

    Yes. Anxiety can cause hormonal changes that affect reproduction. Hence, the cases of couples who, without an apparent physiological cause, do not achieve pregnancy are not so rare.

    Will my baby look like me if he is born by Donor egg?

    In donor selection programs, the maximum phenotypic similarity of the donor with the future mother is guaranteed. So both will be as similar as possible in aspects such as weight, height, skin color and eye color.

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