Sperm Bank

Fertility Benidorm has its own sperm bank

Sperm bank high security;high quality

Totally reliable semen samples

Our donors’ samples are rigorously stored in a liquid nitrogen tank at 196 degrees below zero degrees celcius.

In order for a sample to be stored in our sperm bank, the donor undergoes exhaustive psychological and physical healthtests, including of course sexually transmitted diseases.

As marked by Spanish law, semen donors remain anonymous, just as the donor will not know the identity of the woman or recipient partner.


Our doctors will recommend the use of our semen bank in the following cases:


In the event that the couple is made up of women, a homosexual couple, or single women.


In heterosexual couples in which the male has ejaculated azoospermia and from which a satisfactory sample has not been obtained through testicular biopsy.

Other cases

When there is a high risk of sexually transmitted or genetic disease.

Indicated donor

We have a specialized team in charge of assigning the most suitable donor for each case. In this selection, we take into account, among other characteristics, blood type, Rh, height or hair and eye color.

Clinic specialized in assisted reproduction

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