If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Benidorm, Fertility is the right option. We have multiple techniques and treatments to choose from based on your needs, from In Vitro Fertilization to techniques such as the Fertile Chip.


In addition, at Fertility Benidorm we also have a series of services that make assisted reproduction possible. From egg and semen bank, fertility studies and also clinical psychology because we know that people who resort to assisted reproduction treatments can feel overwhelmed.

At Fertility Benidorm we have a clinical psychology unit where our patients can raise all their fears and concerns. We help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

We offer a space of trust where we thoroughly explain to future parents all the positive and negative aspects of the different treatments and techniques. We accompany the couple throughout the emotional process of being parents.

In relation to the most advanced techniques, we have talked about the Fertile chip, the latest technology for sperm selection. Fertile Chip is a device that allows the selection of sperm with the best mobility.
The use of this technique is indicated for low quality semen samples, with high DNA fragmentation.

Fertile Chip is a simple and fast procedure that also avoids the centrifugation of semen. The sperm obtained present, among other characteristics, better mobility, morphology, fewer reactive oxygen species and less fragmentation.


In addition, we have our doors open to donors. In the case of the semen bank The samples of our donors are rigorously kept in a tank of liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees below zero.

But not only men, we are also looking for egg donors. These are cryogenized and cryopreserved very delicately in order to increase their survival.

Thanks to vitrification, the survival rates of oocytes after thawing have been increased. This is a technique that consists of freezing a woman’s eggs so that she can use them the day she decides to become a mother.

In order for a sample to be stored in our sperm bank, the donor undergoes exhaustive physical and psychological health examinations, including of course sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Benidorm, contact with us.

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