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It is one of the best known and most used treatments in the world of assisted reproduction, however, very few people know what it consists of and what its steps are.

The purpose of this treatment is to get embryos to be transferred to the uterus and thus be able to achieve pregnancy. In IVF, eggs are fertilized in a laboratory to obtain embryos.

After cultivating the embryos for a few days, they are transferred to the uterus to achieve pregnancy.

However, it must be borne in mind that this treatment is not always the most appropriate. This is why we do a fertility study to determine which is the best and what steps we should follow.

Did you know that In Vitro Fertilization has two variants? The conventional one is IVF and the other is ICSI, which consists of an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection.


It is carried out in several phases, the first of which is ovarian stimulation. Thanks to which we achieve an increase in the growth and development of the follicles found in the ovary.

The greater the number of eggs, the greater the probability of achieving fertilization. This phase is controlled by ultrasound and hormonal analysis. Ovarian stimulation lasts approximately 8-12 days.

The next is oocyte uptake. You have to wait until the size of the follicles is adequate. Once this is the case, they will be collected under sedation.

The fluid obtained from the follicles will contain the eggs that will be later recovered in the laboratory and will be awaiting insemination.

Sperm capacitation is the next thing to look out for. We prepare the semen sample in the laboratory and treat it to improve its fertilization capacity. In this process, the sperm with the highest probability of fertilization are obtained from a semen sample.

Finally, fertilization arrives. It occurs within the laboratory and can be both classical and ICSI.

In the classical one, the ovum is deposited together with the sperm in a drop with culture medium and the fertilization of the oculus by a sperm must occur.

In ICSI, embryologists select a sperm and, using a fine needle, it is inserted into the egg. The inseminated will remain in incubators prepared for them until they can be transferred to the woman.

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